Syndrome of chronic fatigue from war

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The war has forever changed the lives of many people. It has not touched all equally. Some still live in fairly quiet regions, and some have already fully experienced all the horrors that it brings to people. The syndrome of chronic fatigue from war manifests itself very quickly, enough 3-5 days. Some accumulate negative emotions for much longer, and then fall into deep depression. The word fatigue itself means that there is almost no strength left, that the man was in a dark corner. Some people just don’t know what to do with war fatigue syndrome. And if there is no qualified psychologist around, it seems that the problem is simply not solvable, but it is not.

What is Chronic War Fatigue Syndrome?

First of all, it is necessary to understand what are the psychological and physiological components of the concept of «war fatigue syndrome». It is about accumulated negative emotions based on the loss of hope and faith. Everything around is painted black. Anxiety for yourself and your loved ones does not leave for a moment. There is no certainty about tomorrow. Even if things are going well at the moment, there’s no guarantee it will be tomorrow. People complain of irritability and insomnia, severe headache, rapid fatigue. It is no wonder that it is at this moment that old illnesses are reminiscent of themselves.Heart pains, digestive problems, blood pressure spikes attack on one side. Many people experience an unstable psychological state where there is only a thin line between being at rest and an emotional explosion. The question arises as to how to deal with war fatigue syndrome if there is no one to help. Modern man is educated enough to find the answers to these questions on his own. And you don’t have to use complicated techniques.

What to do with it?

If you are looking for an answer to the question what to do with war fatigue syndrome, it is worth analyzing what is pushing you the most. This can be such things as:

    • an endless stream of information that constantly reminds you that the war is going on, that people are dying, that someone is suffering now;
    • constantly talking about the war, again and again voicing the experience – and all this does not let you go, does not allow to live on;
      no purpose, the feeling that life as if stopped!

And that, and a lot of it, is what makes depression go up. If you are looking for war fatigue syndrome advice, you should first pay attention to such simple things as respiratory gymnastics, water intake and rhythmic exercises. In this situation, the principle of «the simpler, the better».


First of all, you should pay attention to the breath. A simple inhalation will solve some problems if the expiration time is three times longer than the inhalation. This simple exercise is also part of the therapy if you are learning how to deal with war fatigue syndrome. You can practice the following pace:

        • 10 seconds normal mode;
        • 10 on breath with respiratory delay;
        • 10 usual mode;
        • 10 on exhalation with a five-second delay!

There are many technicians. Syndrome of chronic fatigue from war is often accompanied by frequent or unsteady breathing, sometimes it seems that there is a lack of air. Breathing exercises help not only to stabilize the process, but also to improve the emotional background.

Drink water

How often, in critical situations, ordinary water comes to our aid. The main thing is to follow the advice not to try to drink it in one fell swoop. A good chronic fatigue syndrome from the war advice is to drink water in a certain way.Any water treatments have a calming effect, but they are not always available. But everyone can drink a glass of water with measured small sips. The procedure itself is soothing, but there are situations that at hand there is no life-giving moisture, and the syndrome of chronic fatigue from war you feel with double strength. Then you can conventionally be transported to childhood and remember the times when the child with pleasure holds the thumb in his mouth. Light sucking movements are a kind of imitation of the water intake process.

Exercise “African dances”

There is another absolutely simple way, the effectiveness of which is undeniable. If you do not know what to do with war fatigue syndrome, you are perfect for African dancing. Anyone can learn it. All you have to do is keep your shoulders wide apart from the floor. At the same time, it is necessary to alternately transfer its weight from the left side to the right side and back. A few minutes of exercise will take you whole and help you relax. So there are a some chronic fatigue syndrome from the war advice can be overcome in many ways. You just have to keep going and believe in yourself.


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