Charity in sport: how the Parimatch Foundation develops sport

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The constant development of the modern community leads to a change in views on the world around and the phenomena that occur in it. If at the beginning of the last century patronage was just emerging, today it is becoming a generally accepted phenomenon. At the same time, in each country, the speed of spread and the perception of charity are different. One can often come across the point of view that charity is an ordinary impulse of the heart. In reality, it requires a systematic approach to provide a better development environment for the community.

For this reason, the Parimatch charitable foundation is constantly evolving, starting new projects and continuing to fund existing initiatives. The concept of a systems approach to charity today has achieved significant success thanks to companies such as Parimatch. Her work is best described by the term “organized charity”. For help to be truly tangible, it is necessary to provide ongoing support, which will form a sustainable basis for the development and popularization of sports in society.

How to do charity?

Charitable foundation Parimatch ensures the implementation of various initiatives aimed at the good of society from the very beginning of its work. By developing and improving the business model, the company has more resources than it can channel to improve the sports and educational infrastructure on the island of Cyprus. During the existence of the foundation, a certain understanding of what should be effective assistance to the community has been developed:

  • work for the result;
  • defining goals and tools to achieve them;
  • implementation of charitable initiatives in different directions at the same time.

Charity in sports Cyprus is the main focus of the foundation. The company understands very well what tasks can be achieved shortly to create a more modern sports infrastructure, and what initiatives need to be invested over a long period to change the current situation. The Parimatch Foundation shows that the traditional approach, in which charity is the lot of altruists, no longer works with the required efficiency today. It is impossible to assign all responsibility for the development of society to 1-2 employees in the company who will collect donations and distribute them among the beneficiaries. The charitable foundation Cyprus operates based on a formulated strategy, and the size of the budget is constantly increasing, which allows us to expand the list of areas for the implementation of charitable initiatives.

Who needs charitable help?

It is pleasant to say that I do charity, helping loved ones by my capabilities. Large companies can also change the world around them by using part of their income for charitable purposes. Parimatch company demonstrates an excellent example of how you can organize an effective business, and at the same time ensure the further development of the community, without which any company simply cannot exist.

Charity is important in a variety of ways. By no means all areas in which the state is involved can receive sufficient funding. Sports and education especially suffer in times of crisis. In such a situation, responsible organizations must take part in public life. What is charity? This is helpful to people on a gratuitous basis who need it. Sport today plays a key role in the formation of a healthy and fulfilling society. The charity fund Cyprus initially chose 4 main areas for itself:

  • sports;
  • education;
  • improving the environment;
  • growth of well-being of the younger generation.

Already in the first years of the foundation’s existence, it became clear that the spheres are vast, therefore, to achieve results, it is necessary to choose several main directions. First of all, they were the development of the potential of young talents, as well as helping children, go in for sports professionally. In the future, Parimatch pays more and more attention to amateur sports organizations. Today, the charity Cyprus is largely focused on the creation of sports infrastructure.

Types of charitable assistance

Charity today can take many forms. Any person or company who understands their responsibility to society and are ready to fulfill their duty to create a better environment can benefit from any kind of charity:

  • gratuitous transfer of funds;
  • charity within the framework of transferring property to those in need;
  • transfer of use rights;
  • transfer of income from certain activities;
  • provision of services for the benefit of those who need them;
  • joint performance of contracts or other charitable obligations;
  • collection of donations.

Also, charity types include such direction as the management of charitable endowments. A modern way of organizing charity events is holding lotteries, contests, or auctions!

What the PM Foundation does for the development of sports

Charity site Parimatch allows you to get detailed information about the company’s activities in the charitable field. Today, one of the key projects for the company is the formation of a new physical culture. With its help, it is possible to make physical education more popular in schools and higher educational institutions, ensuring the growth of physical activity of the younger generation. By applying modern ways of charity, the company supports the development of children with disabilities. Special attention is paid to the education of youth with special needs.

Parimatch Foundation and opening of sports sections for children

Regular philanthropy allows significant funds to be allocated to make sports available to a wide audience. Particular attention is paid to the children’s sports sections, which are now opening throughout the country thanks to the efforts of Parimatch. The company has long answered the question of why charity is needed? By working for the good of society, new generations of happy and healthy people can be formed, as well as the image of a brand in the eyes of its customers can be improved.

Why trust the Parimatch Charitable Foundation?

There are many reasons to trust the Parimatch charitable foundation. First of all, these are real results that the company achieves as part of its charitable activities. Examples of charity today are very important. With their help, you can attract new volunteers in the field of sports and education, who always need additional help. Thanks to its work, Parimatch has earned an excellent reputation, making sports in demand among young people. The company focuses on sports, supporting and developing areas of children’s and student sports. Amateur organizations and infrastructure projects also receive assistance.


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