Kateryna Biloruska Foundation Programs And Projects

Implemented programs and projects

Charitable programs and projects provide children with equal opportunities and access to physical activity and sports in Ukraine and Cyprus. All programs ensure healthy and complex children’s development by increasing their involvement in sports, physical activity and innovative education.

Who are our charity programs for?

• сhildren with disabilities and special educational needs;
• children from families in difficult life circumstances
• orphans
• coaches
• physical education teachers;
• psychologists.

Social initiatives to help Ukrainians affected by Russia's war against Ukraine bring children and their parents back to life through psychological rehabilitation and material support.

In total, KB Foundation implements 6 programs and 3 projects in Ukraine and Cyprus.

Yes, I can!

A comprehensive program that supports and develops children with disabilities and special educational needs by involving them in sports. Our goal is to change the attitude of Ukrainians towards people with disabilities, provide children with disabilities with access to inclusive trainings and unleash children's potential.

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Sports mentor

A comprehensive program that helps children, regardless of their social status, to develop self-confidence as well as physical and social skills through sports. Our goal is to overcome the tendency to anti-social behavior and aggression through the interest in sports and healthy lifestyle.

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New physical education

A comprehensive program for PE teachers aimed to develop their pedagogical skills in order to increase the interest of school-aged children to PE classes. Our goal is to motivate teachers to develop and improve an educational process with modern tools.

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Mental Health

A program of psychological rehabilitation and assistance to children affected by Russian aggression in Ukraine. Our goal is to help children and their parents to cope with the consequences of war and to overcome their traumas.

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B-RIGHT ӏ Ukraine

The B-RIGHT project by the Kateryna Biloruska Foundation is a basketball training program to protect children's rights. It combines sports with awareness of children's rights. The project has been successfully implemented in Cyprus since 2022. It was launched in Ukraine in 2023.

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Yes, I can | Cyprus

A comprehensive program aimed at supporting children with disabilities and mental developmental disorders by introducing them to sports.

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Sports Mentor | Cyprus

Sports Mentor is a comprehensive program to help children develop confidence, physical and social skills through sports.

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Boost4best | Cyprus

A comprehensive program aimed to support Cyprus young Olympians. Our goal is to ensure recognition of champions by the international sports community and assistance in achievement of victory at the Olympic Games.

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Help For Ukraine

A program to help Ukrainians affected by Russian war on the territory of Ukraine. Our goal is to ensure the safety, development and rehabilitation of children and their parents in the country and those who have temporarily left their homeland.

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B-RIGHT | Cyprus

The Kateryna Biloruska Foundation, the Children’s Commissioner and the United Sports Cyprus organization launched the B-RIGHT project, which includes a series of basketball events dedicated to promotion of children rights.

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International aid to Ukraine

When you find yourself in a foreign land in time of war, it is important to regain a lost sense of security, cope with stress and find new friends. And sports will help here. Therefore, Foundation has started some initiatives for children to distract them from the surrounding reality.

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