B-RIGHT | Cyprus

The Kateryna Biloruska Foundation, the Children’s Commissioner and the United Sports Cyprus organization launched the B-RIGHT project, which includes a series of basketball events dedicated to promotion of children rights.

B-RIGHT | Cyprus

B-RIGHT offers coaches and physical education instructors to introduce short, simple and easy-to-use basketball exercises that can be applied both in formal settings and during training. It is specially designed for children aged 9-12, but can be easily adapted for younger or older participants. This program based on a creative interdisciplinary methodology, seeks to combine sport and human rights issues, not neglecting sports skills development.

As part of the program, the first seminar for physical education teachers and basketball coaches was held in October in Cyprus. Through participation, the children had the opportunity to learn short and simple basketball exercises, which can be implemented either as part of the official school curriculum, or as part of training in basketball academies, while educating on the issues of protection of children's rights.

Although traditional sports practices offer children an environment for developing physical, psychomotor and social skills, increasing self-confidence, team work and relationship skills, these practices, however, have ignored a possibility of introducing a human rights-based approach into societies developing projects. There is evidence that a traditional sports field has not always been a safe and supportive environment for children: child athletes report increased levels of anxiety, experiences of physical, mental or sexual abuse in the sports arena, and/or group alienation and stigmatization.

B-RIGHT curriculum includes a number of activities that provide children with the opportunity to:
• gain knowledge and critical understanding of the universality, inalienability and indivisibility of the rights of the child
• create attitudes that promote respect for children's rights
• acquire the skills necessary to defend your rights, ensure their protection and development during sports.

You can download the guide with exercises and additions below.

On our YouTube channel, you will find videos of these exercises in Greek and English versions.

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The best education for a child is to be informed about their rights and the ways to use them.

B-RIGHT Basketball program for the protection of children's rights
download PDF in English

You will find videos of all exercises in Greek and English versions on our YouTube channel. Just tap on a bold text.

B-RIGHT program in Greek
download Greek version

The following activities have been implemented within the project:

Online conference with partners about B-Right project

Kateryna Biloruska Foundation, the Children's Commissioner, and the United Sports Cyprus organization launched the B-RIGHT project, including a series of basketball events dedicated to promoting children's rights. The online conference was presented on July 18.

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Limassol hosted a presentation event for the B-RIGHT project

The event was supported by the Limassol Municipality Sports Authority at the Lanitei Gymnasium indoor stadium in Limassol

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Basketball training session in Cyprus

In addition, on Children’s Day, a basketball training session was held in Cyprus as part of the B-RIGHT child protection project. It was held with the support of the Kateryna Biloruska Foundation, the Commissioner for Children’s Rights (Cyprus), and the Peace Players organization.

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