A comprehensive program aimed to support Cyprus young Olympians. Our goal is to ensure recognition of champions by the international sports community and assistance in achievement of victory at the Olympic Games.


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The program aims to enable young sports talents to avoid financial issues, training facilities searching, excessive psychological stress, and focus on unlocking their potential.

Boost4Best is a program to support and develop Olympic sports in Cyprus. The program's mission is to help talented teenagers develop in sports, with the main goal of participating in the Olympic Games and being recognized as champions in the international sports community. The Foundation helps to focus on unlocking sports potential instead of solving financial issues.

Thanks to the foundation's cooperation with the Cyprus Association of Olympic Participants (C.A.C.O.A.), athletes aged 13 to 17 will receive a "sports scholarship" for a whole year. The memorandum was signed for 5 years (until 2024).

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The program aims to enable young sports talents to avoid financial issues, training facilities searching, excessive psychological stress, and focus on unlocking their potential.

Our goals

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Provide young athletes with finances for sports

In most cases, the main and only sponsor of young athletes are parents, whose capabilities are not enough to cover all training costs.

Provide young athletes with access to training facilities and equipment

Young athletes often cannot unleash their potential and choose a sport for pleasure, because of poor facilities.

Open the access to various sports for young athletes

Due to geographical, social, and gender factors, young athletes are unable to do sports that unleash their potential.

Help to find the balance

The excessive workload in all areas of the life of young athletes forces them to constantly seek a balance, especially between compulsory education and training.

Relieve excessive psychological pressure and tension

The desire to get only high results and grades, as well as pressure from family or society, worsens the psycho-emotional state of young athletes and creates tension that harms the disclosure of potential.

Our activities

Annual sponsorship for 14 young promising Cyprus athletes

The Foundation provides young athletes with funding to help them pay for training, purchase uniforms, and participate in competitions. The KB Foundation also covers other sports expenses so that they can fully develop their talent.

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Annual sponsorship for 16 young promising Cyprus athletes

Thanks to the Foundation's support, the athletes have already gained recognition, won medals, and great experience in various national and international competitions and will continue to do so.

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Annual sponsorship for 18 young promising Cyprus athletes

Among our recent successes, many of our athletes participated in the Malta 2023 Games of the Small States of Europe. Emilios Max Boeros won a gold medal in sailing; Anna Hadjiloizou won a gold medal in swimming; Giannis Antoniou and Petros Christodoulides won gold in judo; and Emilia Kolokotroni won gold in Hammer Through Women.

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