B-RIGHT ӏ Ukraine

The B-RIGHT project by the Kateryna Biloruska Foundation is a basketball training program to protect children's rights. It combines sports with awareness of children's rights.

The project has been successfully implemented in Cyprus since 2022. It was launched in Ukraine in 2023.

B-RIGHT ӏ Ukraine

Children of all ages have lots of energy. Sport is an integral part of their healthy physical development. At the same time, the outdoor sports courts are not always a favorable environment for children. They sometimes experience anxiety or violence while playing sports. All this affects their development.

This is because they are not always aware of their rights or do not understand when their rights are violated. At the same time, listening to long lectures during extracurricular activities is boring. What if during basketball lessons, teenagers will learn:

• why it is important to know your rights;
• how to defend their rights and their own opinion;
• how to protect themselves from various abuses by others;
• how to identify different types of social inequality that can hinder children's development, and much more.

The goal of this program – is to familiarize children and the Ukrainian community with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) through an interesting basketball exercise in order to reduce discrimination against children in Ukraine. Coaches, teachers, and athletes will be involved to realize this goal.
The project is specifically designed for children aged 9-12, but can be easily adapted for younger or older participants. While not neglecting the development of sports skills, the curriculum seeks to combine human rights and sport.

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“The best education for a child is to be informed about their rights and the ways to use them”.

B-RIGHT Basketball program for the protection of children's rights
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The following activities have been implemented within the project:

Kmytiv hosted a presentation event for the B-RIGHT project

In Kmytov, in the Zhytomyr region, children had the opportunity to learn about their rights in an interesting game - through basketball - and have an active and fun time.

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