Parimatch Foundation: activities during war

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The international charitable organization Parimatch Foundation has always been on the bright side, standing by tolerance, humanity, and a barrier-free environment. Until February 24, 2022, our activities were focused on Ukraine, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, and Belarus. The main goal of the foundation in peacetime was to improve the health and well-being of society, providing children with equal rights and access to sports, as well as quality education.

Since the beginning of the military aggression of the russian against Ukraine, the management of Parimatch and the Foundation have decided to direct all their resources to help Ukraine.

Due to the difficult humanitarian conditions caused by the war, access to basic services such as health, transport, education, water, and other livelihoods has become significantly more difficult. The civilian people of many Ukrainian cities and towns are in constant need of humanitarian assistance.

That is why, during the war, the main purpose of the foundation is to help vulnerable groups. We appealed to the international charity and human rights organizations to help Ukraine. By joint actions we proposed:

  • cessation of hostilities as soon as possible and start peace talks;
  • to organize humanitarian corridors for the supply of food, medicine, assistance, and evacuation of people who are on the verge of survival in settlements on the line of fire;
  • to maintain a regime of silence and to end military aggression against civilians, namely children, women, and the elderly.

We have been part of Parimatch’s general volunteer stream since the first days. Each Parimatch employee has become a volunteer and helps evacuate people from hotspots, humanitarian and medical assistance to those who have had to leave their homes.

Charitable foundation: new directions

The foundation is currently accumulating the necessary resources to help those who need it most. We collect and deliver medicines, clothes, food, process inquiries from government agencies, as well as from other organizations and foundations.

Since the beginning of the war, the Parimatch Foundation has worked closely with international organizations and regional partners. At the initiative of the Office of the President, humanitarian headquarters have been set up at the regional offices, coordinated by regional military administrations, public organizations, charitable foundations, and regional hubs. We are actively negotiating with international partners to join forces to implement medical, psychological, social, and humanitarian support projects. Their main goal is to ensure the safety, development, and rehabilitation of children and their parents in Ukraine and those who have temporarily left their homeland.

The foundation has also started to actively develop fundraising: right now on the website you can donate any comfortable amount to help the civilian population of Ukraine. With the funds raised in this way, we will be able to support and implement as many projects as possible


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