Parimatch Foundation Allocated Over Half a Million Euros to Aid Ukraine During War

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As the third month of the war raging in Ukraine continues, Parimatch Foundation reports about 600+ successfully evacuated people, the arrangement of 4,000+ sleeping places for internally displaced persons, and the launch of several humanitarian projects.

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, Parimatch Foundation – previously focused on educational and sports projects for children – has re-allocated most of its resources toward helping Ukrainian women and children survive the war and get to safety. To be more effective, the Foundation created a few aid branches: humanitarian aid and medical needs, financial aid and fundraising, establishing new partnerships to raise funds, and sustaining the necessary projects of the Foundation.

Financial aid: Parimatch Foundation allocated its financial resources to purchase and deliver the medicines and food for those in need and to evacuate people from the hot spots across Ukraine. Moreover, the Foundation works 24/7 to establish connections with international foundations and humanitarian organizations and attract donations for Ukraine.

Overall, Parimatch Foundation has spent over €510,000 since February 24th to support people impacted by the war. More than €190,000 of them were used to purchase humanitarian aid.

Humanitarian aid:

Since the beginning of the war, helping civilians, especially women with children, has been a priority for the Parimatch Foundation. At the request of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Parimatch Foundation has focused its efforts on arranging sleeping places in hubs for internally displaced persons in the western regions of Ukraine. The plan is 5,000 beds, 4,000 of which are already in operation.

Parimatch Tech and the Parimatch Foundation have evacuated people from hotspots across Ukraine over the past month, including Irpin, Bucha, Kharkiv, Gostomel, and Vorzel, where fierce fighting with the occupiers has taken place. More than 600 women and children are now safe.


The foundation has also arranged a massive collaboration with the UK and other European charity organizations. Over the last month, the British partners have sent multiple shipments of provisions, medicine, and humanitarian help to Ukraine. With a British charity organization WeHelpUkrainians (formerly Mangalakara Foundation), and Dr. Owase Jeelani, Parimatch Foundation has launched the Ukraine Hospitals Appeal initiative. The charities aim to raise €1,000,000 to help save the children wounded by the war, create a cloud-based platform for experience exchange between Ukrainian and British surgeons, and purchase necessary medical supplies for the Children’s Hospital in Lviv. The initiative has currently raised over €30,000. Parimatch Foundation has also arranged the delivery of 10 medical equipment shipments and numerous supplies for the hospital. Join the industry and donate via the link:

In addition to providing humanitarian aid to families from Ukraine, Parimatch Foundation continues to involve Ukrainian children who were forced to leave their homes for sports. The Foundation’s friends and partners of AEL, Peace Players, and other Cyprus sports clubs joined this initiative and provided their sports facilities for the children for free. The Foundation has also launched a Sports Mentor program in Limassol, Cyprus, where Ukrainian children will be invited to take lessons.

Foundation projects:

Despite the war in Ukraine, the International Charitable Foundation Parimatch Foundation continues to support children in their desire to play sports and develop even in this challenging time for the country. Since February, the Foundation has allocated funds under the program “Yes, I can!” to pay scholarships to children-athletes with disabilities who are professionally engaged in sports and aim to participate in international competitions.

Mental health is one of the main factors in their rehabilitation and adaptation to a new stage of life. Therefore, in early May, the Parimatch Foundation and the Israeli Coalition of Trauma launched a training course for psychologists specializing in “Crisis Psychological Assistance.” The project aims to share effective techniques of crisis assistance with Ukrainian psychologists that are necessary when working with internally displaced persons of different ages during the war. The Foundation plans to train as many IRC specialists as possible in the regions with the maximum number of internally displaced persons.

Parimatch Foundation plans to focus on helping internally displaced persons, especially children. The Foundation is building a comprehensive work: the transition from low-threshold services to mental health, education, sports development, and children’s leisure.

The main goal for the upcoming month is to attract attention and donations worldwide. Parimatch Foundation has launched an international donation campaign on the website,, to make it possible for anyone to join the efforts and save Ukraine. The collected money will go toward purchasing products and hygienic sets for internally displaced persons in the western regions of Ukraine. The Foundation is also open to cooperating with international foundations and non-profit organizations and urges everyone to join the efforts to support Ukraine. Reach out via email: [email protected]


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