How to donate to the Parimatch Foundation?

Biloruska Foundation - пожертвувати в благодійний фонд, пожертвувати на благодійність, зробити благодійний внесок

Charity and volunteering are gaining unprecedented popularity. Everyone who has the slightest opportunity to donate money to a charity fund chooses how to do it with the greatest return. Here's how to make a charitable contribution to the Parimatch Foundation.

How to donate to the Parimatch Foundation


The charity exists as much as humanity. Modern charity as a phenomenon originated in Ancient Greece. At the same time, the term “philanthropy,” which means “love to people,” appeared in Greek. The charity reached a spread due to the achievement of society at that time, a high level of spirituality. However, not everyone could donate money to charity because such good deeds were available only to the top of society, as an act of goodwill and even an element of power.

A charity has long been present in Ukraine in its various manifestations and forms because Ukrainians are sensitive and caring people. According to the research “Charity through the eyes of Ukrainians in 2021”, most Ukrainians still think that the best help is money. While young people consider it their duty to make a charitable contribution, the older generation prefers to help with things: clothes, food, and medicine.

In general, charity trends have changed in recent years. If before donations were considered something available only to those who have considerable wealth, now everyone can contribute to a good cause. Ukrainians have realized that donating even 10 or 20 hryvnias to a charity fund is already a significant help. With the start of Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine, a charity has become one of the fronts of Ukrainian resistance.

What is the Parimatch Foundation

How to choose a charitable fund and make contribution that will be important?
First, it is worth paying attention to those organizations that worked before the war.

Parimatch Foundation is an international charitable foundation established by the Ukrainian holding Parimatch in 2019. In peacetime, the foundation aimed to improve the health and well-being of society by providing children with equal opportunities and access to sports and education. The Parimatch Foundation involved children with disabilities and children in difficult circumstances in sports. Also, it supported financially talented child athletes on their way to their dreams.

However, russia’s armed invasion of Ukraine has changed the vector of the Parimatch Foundation’s work. The fund is now using all its resources to help Ukraine’s civilian population. The team helps provide temporary shelter to those who have lost their homes or fled the war and assists with evacuations. It gives and transports humanitarian aid where it is most needed.

How to donate to a charity: instructions

To increase the number of people we can help, the fund has opened a collection of donations on the site.

Anyone can donate to Parimatch Foundation – find the HELP button in the upper right corner and press it. It will immediately take you to the donations page. All you have to do is enter the desired amount and your email, accept the terms of the public offer and click Donate. At the same time, you can also choose a convenient payment method via Bank card or Google Pay.

You can also support Parimatch Foundation directly at the link.

If the operation is successful or unsuccessful, it will take you to a page with the appropriate message. You will also receive a confirmation email upon successful payment.

And remember, donate money to charity online is essential! Together we will help every Ukrainian and every Ukrainian who needs it.


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