Parimatch Foundation sent 600 sleeping sets for internally displaced people to the Ivano-Frankivsk region

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The Parimatch Foundation continues to help people who had to leave their homes due to russia's military invasion of Ukraine with temporary accommodation. Only this time the Foundation sent 600 sleeping sets, which include a mattress, pillow, blanket, and bed linen each, to the Ivano-Frankivsk region.

On April 20, together with the Pidhirya Charitable Foundation, representatives of the Parimatch Foundation delivered aid to the Rohatyn Territorial Community and the Voynylivka Village Council of the Kalush District.

While meeting Rohatyn Mayor Serhiy Nasalik, they also discussed the humanitarian needs of the Rohatyn community and donated food kits, hygiene, and medical supplies from the Pidhirya Charitable Foundation and 50 sleeping sets from the Parimatch Foundation. The sets will be placed in the Cherchen Special School (Training and Rehabilitation Center), where children with musculoskeletal disorders were studied before the war, but now there is a shelter housing 38 internally displaced persons.

According to Serhiy Nasalyk, many people who had to evacuate due to ongoing hostilities in their cities, are passing through Rohatyn in transit or seeking shelter. Since the war started 2,857 displaced persons from 186 cities and villages of Ukraine have been registered in the community. 868 of them are children. Rohatyn local council, in turn, also has a humanitarian center and closely cooperates with other regions of Ukraine, in particular, a 10-ton truck with humanitarian cargo was sent to the Kharkiv region for the third time recently.

According to Vadym Misyura, Director of the International Charitable organization Parimatch Foundation in Ukraine, it is important for the Foundation not only to provide humanitarian aid but also to find problematic issues together with community officials to plan joint activities.

In addition to urgent issues, the parties also discussed the possibility of implementing sports and cultural projects in the community.

— Every child has the right to education and all the necessary conditions for this, – the city council says. Children are provided with the necessities for learning and physical development.
There are 600 preschoolers in the community, and 200 of them are children who moved there recently.

— It is important to understand how we should act after Ukraine wins. In addition to the humanitarian aid provided by the Foundation, we are planning to implement educational projects in different regions. In peacetime, the Foundation has done its utmost to improve the health and well-being of society by providing children with equal opportunities and access to sports and education. We need to plan how to continue our noble mission in the new realities. Many families in the regions cannot return home for various reasons, so they are starting to settle in new places. And the common task of the state, local government, and the public sector is to create all conditions so as our citizens, especially children, do not feel the difference in the level of social and educational services, regardless of their residence, — Vadym Misyura said.

Representatives of the Parimatch Foundation also visited the Voynylivka village council, Kalush district, Ivano-Frankivsk region. The foundation delivered 50 sleeping sets there, which would be placed in the local music school that currently accepts people from other regions.

— It was nice to meet you, and we are grateful for the help because we did not have such sleeping sets with new mattresses, bedding, and pillows. The children felt the happiest, they were trying to choose the mattress to sleep on even before we unpacked them. The whole community is grateful for your help. We don’t have many reasons for joy now, but that one cheered people up. They left homeless and a separate bed, the personal one is a true gift. It’s one thing when you have the bed that was collected by the whole community. And it’s a completely different thing when it’s yours, the new one. They even joked that they would feel like in a hotel now, — Maryana Maslyak, head of the Voynylivka village council, said.

It will be recalled that the war has changed the vector of the Parimatch Foundation’s activities, which are currently focusing on helping vulnerable groups affected by the war.

We will continue to help Ukrainians because every help brings us closer to victory!


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