Parimatch Foundation delivered food packages to shelters in the Dnipro region

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The international charity organization Parimatch Foundation continues its humanitarian mission. It supplies humanitarian aid to regions of Ukraine that accept people who have been forced to flee their homes due to the Russian invasion.

In April, representatives of the Foundation already visited the Dnipro region and delivered the specific sleeping sets there. A few days ago, the Parimatch Foundation team transferred food packages for 70 families in Dnipro and Pidhorodne in the Dnipro region.

Each package weighs up to 15 kg and includes oil, flour, buckwheat, rice groats, pasta, oatmeal, sugar, salt, instant coffee, tea, buckwheat porridge with pork, stew, corn, beans, dry soups, cookies, and chocolate. This amount of food is calculated to be enough for a family of 4 for a month.

In Dnipro, Vadym Misyura, Director of the Parimatch Foundation in Ukraine, met with Olga Gorb, Deputy Head of the Dnipro Regional State Administration. Two hundred twenty-three thousand internally displaced people have already been officially registered. They discussed the joint social and sports initiatives, including the launch of a training course for teachers and IRC psychologists, «Psychological Support in Crisis,» and the Sports Mentor program.

In Pidhorodne, the Foundation’s team met with Roman Kuchma, city council secretary, Oksana Hilshlein, adviser to the mayor, and Iryna Komar, head of the public relations and media sector. The parties discussed further cooperation, including the Parimatch Foundation sports programs.

– It is crucial to help each other in wartime. The war temporarily changed the community’s development plans. We accepted more than 2,000 people in our localities and allowed them to stay in safe places. Our team has shown cohesion, determination, and professionalism in providing humanitarian aid to citizens. But, given the lack of budget funds for sustainable development, we desperately need the support of businesses, entrepreneurs, and charitable foundations. We are grateful to the Parimatch Foundation for assistance in our community’s economic and social development, as well as for food packages provided for IDPs. We are looking forward to cooperating on Foundation’s «New Physical Culture» and «BOOST4BEST» projects. – said the adviser to the mayor, Oksana Hilshlein.

City Council Secretary Roman Kuchma emphasizes that it would be difficult for the community to cope with the situation without the help of Foundations. To date, the financial resources of the city budget are insufficient to support the internally displaced people fully. Therefore, the support of charitable foundations is vital for communities that accept people.

– The number of IDPs is constantly changing because we accept new people every day. There are currently 265 people living in shelters, including 30 children of all ages. We accept people mostly from Donetsk and Luhansk regions, but there were Kharkiv residents in the beginning.

We are very grateful to the Parimatch Foundation for its humanitarian support. Two hundred sleeping places that have been arranged in 2 lyceums can cover our needs, and this means the comfort of the people. As for food packages, we left 10 in the City Council because there is a humanitarian center that provides food aid. The rest of the sets have been delivered to the kitchens of two shelters where people eat, – said Iryna Komar.

In Dnipro, the representatives of the Foundation met our partners MARTIN Club, a non-governmental organization that has been working with women survivors of violence for over 20 years. The MARTIN Club has repeatedly collaborated with the Parimatch Foundation on various humanitarian initiatives and has also joined the distribution of food packages in the region.

– It’s been a tenser situation in recent days. Due to the situation in eastern Ukraine, people continue to flee to Dnipro. Some of them stay here because they have nowhere to go. That is why food packages for people are very relevant. Because many businesses have left Dnipro, it is difficult for people to find work and pay for their needs accordingly. The assistance from the Parimatch Foundation is always very appropriate. At first, the displaced people did not have beds, they slept on sheets in gyms, and the Foundation was the first to arrange sleeping places. And now, when the situation accommodation is stable, food packages are what people need the most.

We get good feedback about the food packages. We are grateful for the help, – said the director of the public organization Victoria Fedotova.

In March, it is to be recalled that the Parimatch Foundation arranged 200 sleeping places, including mattresses, blankets, pillows, and bedding, in the Dnipro region. In addition, food, diapers, and necessities were delivered to the area.


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