Being with people who need it: Parimatch Foundation has provided humanitarian aid to Dymer

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One of the most important facilities in Dymer is the inpatient department of the Territorial Center for Social Services for Single Senior Citizens and Persons with Disabilities of the Dymer Territorial Community. This is actually a small group home.

In peacetime, it was a very cozy place for single elderly residents and individuals with disabilities from the Dymer community. After the invasion of russian troops, they captured the branch and set up a checkpoint nearby.

During the occupation, there was little information about what was exactly happening to the institution and the people staying there.

– We were all worried about the lack of information, so when Dymer was liberated, we started to determine the needs of the institution. We are very grateful to the Parimatch Foundation for responding and bringing useful things. These are two wheelchairs, two walkers, special toiletries needed by people with limited mobility and people with disabilities, and diapers for adults. The instant food was also delivered because there is still no electricity in the inpatient department and people use generators to cook. The assistance of the Foundation was timely and swift. This is our third visit and I want to say thank you. We will continue to support each other with pleasure and invite you to these tours,

– Igor Meshchan, head of the Department of Social Protection of Kyiv Regional Military Administration said.

– From the early beginning of the war, the Parimarch Foundation joined the general volunteer movement to help citizens who suffered from the military aggression against our country. We came to Dymer with a humanitarian mission, because we consider it our duty to be close to people who needed help. We believe it is necessary to communicate with the population and make it clear that they will not be left alone in their misery. We have already visited many regions of Ukraine and in partnership with local headquarters are joining efforts in the fields of medical, social, and humanitarian assistance. We are grateful to the Department of Social Protection of the Kyiv Regional State Administration. This is not the first example of our cooperation for peace and support,

– Vadym Misyura, Director of the International charitable organization Parimatch Foundation in Ukraine said.

Let’s help and win together!


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