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The modern world faces many challenges every day: environmental pollution, food, energy and cultural crises, protection of human rights, etc. These problems affect the development of society, so finding ideas on how to solve these issues, maintain harmony in the world and the well-being of everyone is very important.

The international Parimatch Charitable Foundation has been actively developing and implementing social sports programs in Ukraine and abroad for several years. All the foundation’s programs are aimed at giving every child equal rights and access to sports and education. In turn, this ensures that such children will grow into full-fledged and socially mature adults who will build a happy society.

Yes I can! – support program for disabled children Parimatch

According to the State Statistics Service, at the beginning of 2021, there are 2 million 703 thousand people with disabilities in Ukraine. Among them – almost 164 thousand children, and every year these figures are only growing.
Despite the fact that Ukraine has come a long way in terms of barrier-free issues, there is still a strong stigma in society against such people. Unfortunately, children with disabilities are even more vulnerable than adults because they are completely dependent on their parents’ financial situation or remain orphaned and completely dependent on adults. Also in society, there are still stereotypes about such children, which prevents them from fully developing, attending sports, and learning.

Since 2019, the charity foundation is implementing social project for children with disabilities. “So I can!” is a program that works in many regions of Ukraine. The goal of the Parimatch sports social project is to provide children with disabilities and mental development with all the opportunities to develop physically, find friends and motivation to be better, and grow into full members of society through sports.

Also social project of the Parimatch Foundation aims to change the attitude of Ukrainians towards children with disabilities, as such children are now constantly confronted with stigma and discrimination.

Sports Social Project Parimatch – Sports Mentor

According to the Ministry of Social Policy, up to 10,000 children become orphans in Ukraine each year. The statistics are disappointing, but these are far from accurate figures: in addition to orphans, special attention needs to be paid to children from families in difficult life circumstances, as well as children registered with the Juvenile Police of Ukraine.

The social project for orphans, as well as those in difficult circumstances, “Sports Mentor” from the Parimatch Foundation, aims to give every child, regardless of their status and life circumstances, the opportunity to play sports. The coach plays a special role in the development of such children as athletes – he often becomes for them almost the only friend, motivator, mentor, and guide to a better life. In addition to sports, children from the socio-pedagogical program for children also attend sports events and matches, meet with sports stars and participate in various competitions.

The charity social project has been successfully operating in many regions of Ukraine for a long time and proves that every child has a chance to become a person through sports and the participation of a mentor.

New physical culture – the introduction of innovations in physical education

Physical culture in schools – the subject to which it is customary not to pay attention and not to give it importance. This happens for a number of reasons, but often children are simply not interested in attending classes with outdated and uninteresting approaches to teaching.

Another common problem is outdated equipment in schools, as well as the lack of interest of teachers. Another social sports program “New Physical Culture” is called to correct this. This is a sports social project Parimatch Foundation, which provides physical education teachers with everything they need to master leadership skills to build communication with children and modernize teaching.

The development of social projects Parimatch, namely the training of teachers and their motivation, can solve several problems at once: it is to increase the physical activity of school-age children, and their interest in sports to unleash their potential. Parimatch social projects can provide teachers need tools. This can interest students in attending “physics” lessons. As a result, children move more and have the opportunity to try themselves in different sports to choose something to their liking.

We believe that physical education lessons in Ukraine can be modern, and therefore useful and interesting for students.

социальные проекты в Украине

Boost4best – social project for the sports development of children

Boys and young girls, selecting the path of sports, face many challenges. Where to get funds for training and sports meetings? Where to study? How to combine sports, personal life, and education?

Another problem that prevents young talents from playing sports with pleasure is excessive pressure from family or society, as well as high expectations of only the best sports results and psychological stress.

The mission of the social program children is to provide young athletes with all the necessary tools to enable them to play sports fully and with pleasure. One of the main activities of the Parimatch Children’s Health Social Program is the financing of young sports talents in Cyprus. Every year they receive sports scholarships, which they can spend on needs: fees, purchase of uniforms, etc.

Support for social projects, such as Boost4Best, helps young talents unleash their potential through sport and reach sporting heights while maintaining their mental health

Developing Parimatch social projects around the world

Charity is important, especially in today’s world. The company cares about developing Parimatch’s social projects and benefiting society. The company’s activities are aimed at defending public interests and the positive consequences of social change, not only now but also in the future.

Yes, the social project Parimatch takes care of children’s access to sports and education. We are convinced that healthy and educated children now are full-fledged individuals and happy adults tomorrow.


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