How to Support Charities When You Can’t Make a Cash Donation: 6 ways

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For some Ukrainians, the word "charity" evokes associations only with plastic boxes in stores or people collecting money in transport. However, the philanthropic movement in Ukraine is relatively developed, and few average charitable organizations currently collect donations in cash. Especially since the beginning of the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine, the number of people who want to help those affected by the war is growing, and it is almost impossible to collect cash.

In addition, not everyone can currently donate funds at all, in cash or non-cash. But everyone can help. How to help a charity in Ukraine – read in our new material.

Donate in Your Will

Don’t force yourself to sacrifice because you have to or feel guilty. Sooner or later, this way of helping will exhaust you financially and morally. Help only when you feel inspired and when this donation will benefit someone and you, primarily purely.

To find out how to help charities in Ukraine and donate more regularly, subscribe to the groups you are interested in on social networks and follow the meetings.


How to help a charity? Another great way is to volunteer. You can become a volunteer in your organization or join a movement in your city. You can also always write or call a volunteer you know and ask if they need help.

Volunteering can be a joy if you do something you enjoy.

For example, you can be a car driver, cook food, provide the necessary psychological help for free, organize charity events and even be a help chat moderator.

There are many ways to help charities and people. Try it!

Donate Supplies or Items

If you are wondering how I can help a charity in Ukraine, then the following advice is for you. At home, we will find things or food that can be given away. There is no such thing as a small help – your T-shirt can help those who left the occupied city without belongings, and your harvest – those who prepare food for the front line.

If there are no things or food, but you want to help, you can always organize a collection among friends or neighbors. As an option – to buy something or food that someone needs.

Buy From Charity Shops

Excessive consumption is one of the modern problems of humanity. That is why charity shops have been gaining popularity recently. The scheme is simple: someone brings used clothes, interior items, or other unnecessary things, and someone buys them. Such shops always spend part of their profits on charity.

By buying things in charity shops, you not only answer the question “how can I help a charity organization, Ukraine” but also help the environment and people.

Make and Sell Baked Goods or Crafts

You can also convert your talent into helping others. For example, if you do needlework, you can sell your products and send part of the profit to charity or support the Armed Forces.

For those who know how to handle dough and have the ingredients, there is always the opportunity to bake bread or pastries that can be sold or given to those in need.

Donate Your Professional Skills

Not only can a hobby help answer the question “how can I help a charity,” but also professional skills. For example, you can free repair a car for the Armed Forces if you work as an auto mechanic. A sewist can sew relief or an armored vest for the front line, and a psychologist can provide free assistance to war victims. SMM managers are valued as volunteers in small charitable organizations, and developers can support charity in Ukraine in their free time and participate in developing socially valuable sites.

Each of us can contribute to the development of our state, and it does not matter who you work for, what you do, and whether you can help financially.

Support charity in Ukraine! Together we will help and win!


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