Sports Integration and Children Rights Advocacy: KBF Project Now in Norway

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In continuation of our participation in the ACTIVE CITIZENS FUND CYPRUS EEA project, Kateryna Biloruska Foundation embarked on the second phase, focusing on the exchange of experiences with our B-Right initiative – basketball program for the protection of children's rights.

During October, a Norwegian team visited Cyprus, where we showcased our project’s impact, introduced them to the Foundation’s activities, and provided insights into Cyprus’ sports system and services for children.

Now, we have reciprocated their visit to delve into the realm of sports services in Tromsø, Norway. This city, a significant portion of which consists of resettled populations, places a crucial emphasis on sports as a tool for community integration. 

Our exploration focused on child rights protection, addressing how society conveys these rights, educating teachers, tutors, and parents, implementing preventive measures against bullying and stigmatization, and leveraging children’s rights in sports – a pivotal aspect of their work that we aspire to bring to Ukraine.

Throughout three days, we engaged in meetings with the Ombudsman for Children’s Rights, the Sport Council of Norway, a representative from the sports club network who is also a volunteer assisting people with disabilities in sports, Omnimodellen representatives dedicated to child rights in sports, and individuals involved in the “activity guides” project. 

The visit included inspections of two sports arenas in Tromsø, where children from the region actively participate in various sporting activities.

This exchange marks a significant step in the ongoing development and implementation of child rights protection, particularly through the instrument of sports. We are excited to integrate the valuable insights gained from Norway into our B-Right project and contribute to fostering a culture of sports inclusivity and child rights awareness in Ukraine.

About B-Right project

The Kateryna Biloruska Foundation, the Children’s Commissioner and the United Sports Cyprus organization launched the B-RIGHT project, which includes a series of basketball events dedicated to promotion of children rights.

B-RIGHT offers coaches and physical education instructors to introduce short, simple and easy-to-use basketball exercises that can be applied both in formal settings and during training. It is specially designed for children aged 9-12, but can be easily adapted for younger or older participants. This program based on a creative interdisciplinary methodology, seeks to combine sport and human rights issues, not neglecting sports skills development.

This project is also being implemented in Cyprus, Norway and Ukraine.


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