Mogilev school opened an archery group "Yablochko" for children with scoliosis

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Within the framework of the “Yes, I Can” program, a project called “Yablochko” is starting at the Mogilev school - an archery club that will help 45 children with scoliosis cope with their illness.

Scoliosis is a complex disease that affects the entire body and requires long-term and intensive treatment. At the same time, it is often underestimated, although it is possible to correct scoliosis only when the bones have not yet grown stronger, in childhood. Children, on the other hand, are often not interested in going to exercise therapy or to the pool. So why not spice up your routine with fun archery activities?

In the Mogilev sanatorium-type school for children with scoliosis, groups have opened where exercise therapy teachers with extensive experience in archery provide additional therapy for children.

Also, with the support of the Parimatch Foundation, a full set for archery training came to the opening in Mogilev – bows and arrows themselves, special arrow mats, quivers, protection, targets, tripods. For classes in warm weather on the street, a shed was built especially for the circle on the school grounds.

A professional archer from the Archery Club also came to the event and showed the children basic shooting techniques.

All children received gifts and a lot of positive emotions.


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