Parimatch Foundation wards earned a prize-winning place at Kazakhstan Basketball Cup

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International charitable organization Parimatch Foundation has shown their support to the wards of the Shymkent Orphanage №4 in 3x3 Kazakhstan Basketball Cup.

Kazakhstan Basketball Cup was held from August 28 to August 31 in the city of Turkestan with 75 teams in attendance from all over the country as well as a guest team from Uzbekistan. The participants competed in seven age categories. Among them were three rosters from the Shymkent Orphanage №4 sponsored by the Parimatch Foundation. They received a warm welcome from Galiya Mamahan, the vice-president of the 3×3 Basketball Federation of the Turkestan region:

— The teams from the orphanage performed almost at a professional level, thanks to the hardworking coach and the supportive sponsor. We will always be happy to see them back in Turkestan, and will definitely invite them to all of our future competitions, — said Galiya Mamahan.

We remind you that at the end of 2021 the foundation opened football and basketball classes for the orphanage as part of the “Sports Mentor” program, providing the kids with experienced coaches, new equipment and unforms. Not even a year after the launch of the initiative, the young athletes have already exceeded expectations.

The kids’ coach Danil Seredinskyi was quite satisfied with their performance. He was especially proud of them taking the third place in the category under 18.

— The guys played well, and made a worthy competition to professional athletes, who regularly play for their regions and sports academies. We have already participated in the 3×3 Republican Championship and the classic 5×5 tournament. By working out our weaknesses and fixing the previously made mistakes, we were able to take the bronze. The progress is obvious! — shared Danil Seredinskyi.

The main goal of the “Sports Mentor” program is to encourage the development of sports and active lifestyle by providing children, regardless of their background, with equal access to sports clubs and necessary resources. The wards of the Orphanage №4 are a clear example of the positive influence such programs have on children’s physical and mental health.

Taking part in various competitions is one of the key factors according to Ivan Gaina, the state basketball coach of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

— The experience of playing on a competitive level is very useful for kids. Without it the training process is pretty much meaningless. But the main thing here is social development. At the Cup they played against sports academies and boarding schools, communicated with peers from all over the country. Hopefully, in the future they will be able to visit other regions and expand their horizons. Participating in competitions also teaches responsibility and discipline. I’m sure that all of these factors will encourage them to achieve even greater results, — commented Ivan Gaina.


Children with difficult life circumstances are often strong-willed and highly persistent. Seredinskiy and Gaina notice in the young athletes a strong desire to show their abilities. As professional mentors, they believe the kids will be able to reach their full potential.

— In the future the children might dedicate their lives to sports. We have some great examples from orphanages in Kostanay and Pavlodar, where kids grew up to be athletes and coaches. Anything is possible if you want it hard enough! — said Ivan Gaina.

— There are some kids from orphanages who went on to play in the Kazakhstan national league. They have great potential and a strong will. Thanks to such initiatives as “Sports Mentor” and sponsors like Parimatch Foundation for helping children find themselves in sports, — added Danil Seredinskiy.



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