Parimatch Foundation and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine signed a memorandum of cooperation for the educational process development in Ukraine

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Improving the competencies and educational activity skills, introducing new services into the educational process, improving the inclusive education system, improving the mental and physical health of children and youth, as well as promoting the introduction of modern programs and methods. This is what the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the international charitable organization Parimatch Foundation will work together on according to the memorandum signed on August 16, 2022

It is the second memorandum for the MES and the Foundation. It aims the developing teachers’ pedagogical skills, particularly physical education teachers, to improve their work methods for students, especially children with special educational needs.

—The signing of this year’s memorandum gives us additional opportunities for inclusive resource cell development, improving the efficiency of the education quality, in particular by modernizing educational institutions, and introducing the latest technologies into the organization of the educational process. The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the International charitable organization Parimatch Foundation are preparing to present the Active Youth digital platform, which has been developing for almost a year. The joint project aims to develop sports and physical education in educational institutions by improving the process of organizing sports events and making reports, results, and competition ratings. This will significantly simplify the work of both physical education specialists and coaches and will help to make physical education development in Ukraine visible, — said Minister of Education and Science Serhiy Shkarlett.

Parimatch Foundation has worked in education, sports, and socialization areas for more than three years. The Foundation supports educational institutions in Ukraine as well as physical education teachers, creating conditions for children to play sports, both in physical education classes and outside them. The International Charitable organization takes care of children, revealing their potential through sports. Therefore the Foundation pays special attention to educational products, developed to help teachers, educational managers, parents, and guardians acquire the necessary tools that will help make PE useful, interesting, inclusive, and effective for children. Teachers develop their skills through courses and webinars, which make their lessons even more interesting and diverse. This approach allows even more children to be involved in physical and motor activity.

The projects implemented jointly with the Ministry of Education and Science in Ukraine will allow significantly increase the number of training programs and other activities for teachers and IRC specialists, aimed at increasing motivation and introducing new teaching methods.

—The Foundation actively supports state initiatives and offers its help in education and sports development. We realize that public funds are mostly directed to defend the country, so we lend a hand and bear a significant part of the costs to support children and their parents in need. After the beginning of the full-scale invasion, at the request of the MES, we arranged sleeping places in educational institutions turned into shelters for forcibly displaced persons. We systematically delivered humanitarian aid there for further support. Currently, the Foundation provides schools with sports equipment. Every set is adapted for the New Ukrainian School modular system and contains all the necessary modern equipment for physical education lessons, sports, and active leisure time. The signing of the memorandum will expand the number of our joint projects aimed at improving the health and well-being of society, says the Parimatch Foundation president Kateryna Biloruska.



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