Happy Summer: 300 children will attend summer camps initiated by Foundation

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This summer, the International charity organization Parimatch Foundation financed the organization of sports camps for the physical and psychological rehabilitation of children affected by Russian military aggression in Ukraine. The foundation assumed all the costs arising from the organizing camps in three countries as part of the «Help to Ukraine» program.

– Children are our future, and our main task is to do everything possible to feel protected and be distracted from the worrying everyday life so they can immerse in the atmosphere of joy, sports, and communication with peers. We strive to preserve the childhood of Ukrainian children. Each of us understands how much children need summer rest and recovery. That is why the Foundation initiated the organization of sports camps where children can not only dive into a positive atmosphere, choose a sports hobby, but also receive psychological support in this difficult time, – The President of the Charitable Foundation, Kateryna Biloruska, told.

Under the initiative of the Foundation, more than 300 children will be able to spend time in camps both in Ukraine and abroad.

On July 1, the first children’s camp will start in Zakarpattia and last for two weeks. The next camp is scheduled for early August.
The camp will host 200 children of different ages from different parts of Ukraine. There will be an exciting and busy 14 days for them. Yoga, football, volleyball, dance, gymnastics, hiking, and swimming classes are planned for kids. They will be divided into groups according to age and sports training preferences and will work with a separate sports mentor and coach of the Vodogray camp. In addition, under the initiative, children can choose classes based on their interests: music, singing, drawing, journalism, blogging, web design, foreign languages, etc. These classes are suitable for both children and teenagers.
One more camp program’s feature is the patriotic upbringing of the younger generation. They will learn about the State, its structure, central values, and its achievements. Every new day in the camp will be dedicated to a new topic. It can be The Day of Spirit and Unity, The Day of Economy and Financial Literacy, or The Day of Elections and Democracy. Each camp participant will be involved in quests, conferences, concerts, etc.
In addition, the first camp in Cyprus will start on July 3. From July to August, the BySport camp will be visited by more than 50 children from Ukraine, who can rest in the sunny country and learn its culture and traditions. As it is in Ukraine, the camp in Cyprus will be focused on sports and various training. Daily the children will have multiple sports training as well, as they will enjoy beach time. The camp program that includes not only physical but also mental relief for children was developed by our partners, the international Hope for Children Foundation.

The Foundation is preparing a surprise for all children who visit the camps both in Ukraine and Cyprus – the visits of famous athletes who will spend the whole day with the children and share their success stories and sports secrets.

The final foreign camp will have 50 children from Ukraine in August. Everyone will have an opportunity to feel better and gain strength before the new school year.
The Foundation believes that every child in Ukraine should get the necessary rest and energy boost this summer. First of all, we invited to the camp the displaced children from Kharkiv, Donetsk, Luhansk, and Zaporizhia regions, children from large families in the Kyiv region, Lviv region, and Ternopil region, as well as children whose parents have been injured in the war or are currently defending Ukraine at the frontline. Also, children-athletes from the Mykolaiv region will join the camp.

The Foundation keeps doing everything possible to improve the health and well-being of society by providing children with equal opportunities and access to sports and education. That is why children’s camps initiated by the Foundation are focused on sports and physical activities. We are sure that sports will help to improve children’s mental health. While staying in the camps, the children will get psychological rehabilitation which is the priority area of work supported by the Foundation. Therefore, all centers’ programs include art therapy and group works with children to overcome fears, stress, and aggression.

We are sure that every day spent at  Foundation camps will be unforgettable for children, and summer 2022 will become calm, cozy, and full of love and support.


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