Parimatch Foundation continues to pay scholarships for children with disabilities

Biloruska Foundation - the-parimatch-foundation-continues-to-pay-scholarships-for-children-with-disabilities

Despite the war in Ukraine, the international charitable organization Parimatch Foundation continues to support children in their sports aspirations even in this extremely difficult time for our country.

Since February, the Foundation has allocated UAH 1,120,000 under the “Yes, I can!” program to pay scholarships to children-athletes with disabilities who are professionally engaged in sports and aim to participate in international competitions.

— Today, sport has become an important part of our common fight for victory. With their successes in the international arena, our athletes draw the attention of the world community to the war in Ukraine and continue to demonstrate how strong Ukrainians are. That is why we strive to support young athletes. It is important for us that they have the opportunity to continue training, to become stronger, to grow into professionals who will tell the world about Ukraine through their performances,

– said the President of the Parimatch Foundation International Charitable Foundation Kateryna Biloruska.

— The «Yes, I can!» programme is special for our fund. Most programs had to be temporarily suspended to devote all our resources to helping Ukraine. But the Foundation decided to continue to pay scholarships and support Ukrainian athletes. We believe that the war will end soon, and our children will be able to fulfill all their sports dreams!

The «Yes, I can!» program is aimed at supporting children with disabilities and mental disorders by involving them in sports. Before the war, the program was implemented across all of Ukraine; there were inclusive training groups in 15 regions of the country that made sports available to everyone.
For three years in a row, the international charitable organization Parimatch Foundation together with the National Sports Committee for the Disabled of Ukraine has been rewarding children with special yearly scholarships for UAH 5,000 per month.

— It is important today to have Ukraine represented at big sports competitions, as well as our athletes’ winnings. The victories in sports make the world community as well as Ukrainians realize that Ukraine can win its battle against invaders. To win the battle for being an independent self-sufficient country with a great peaceful future. Therefore, it is now important to give athletes the opportunity to show the potential of all Ukrainians through their performance in sports arenas. Therefore, anyone who supports Ukraine, Ukrainian athletes in terms of participation in international sports competitions, in preparation for these competitions, works for Ukraine, works for the victory of our country in the fight against the aggressor,

— the President of the National Committee for Sports for the Disabled Of Ukraine Valery Sushkevych said.

Last year, the Foundation recognized 30 young athletes from different regions of Ukraine aged 11 to 17. They all excel in handball, athletics, cross-country skiing and biathlon, swimming, and table tennis. Our young athletes are especially inspired by the Paralympic teams of Ukraine. At the XIII Paralympic Winter Games in Beijing, our team won 29 medals for the first time in its history. The Ukrainians won 11 gold, 10 silver, and 8 bronze medals, and took second place in the medal table.

We are sure that the wards of the Parimatch Foundation are just as dedicated to their goal.

The Foundation will continue to support athletes!



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