Sustainable development of society - the concept and principles

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The development of modern society can be ensured through the use of innovative methods that combine economic, environmental, and social vectors. Sustainable development of society is a concept that is being implemented in various forms around the world.

The economic aspect of the model is to ensure more rational use of organic resources, which will preserve and increase both human and natural potential. The information society changes capital flows, in which the financial aspect begins to prevail over the natural, therefore the contribution of intellectual labor to the development of the community is increasing. Parimatch, which constantly introduces innovative technologies and business methods, believes that the sustainable development of society can make the world around us more comfortable for the people who live in it.

The essence and concept of the concept of sustainable development

The concept of sustainable development of society is formed simultaneously from several vectors. One of them is the social component of the business. Today it is entirely focused on the development of human resources. A socially responsible business like Parimatch aims to maintain stable social systems. The company adheres to a policy of reducing the number of conflicts in modern society. Within the framework of this model of the development of society, a person must accept the status of a subject, not an object of development. This is the only way to ensure the formation of the optimal life activity of all individuals within the community.

Parimatch stands for a more equitable distribution of benefits among people. Among its basic rules, it is worth noting tolerance and pluralism of opinions. The concept of socially responsible business, which was chosen by Parimatch, should ensure the preservation of cultural heritage and its diversity.

Conceptual conditions of sports programs in favor of sustainable development

To implement the fundamentals of sustainable development of society, it is necessary to adhere to the following aspects:

  • to strengthen the purposeful use of domestic scientific achievements and foreign experience to ensure health-improving and recreational physical activity;
  • to attract more public attention to the problems of physical education and health-related physical activity;
  • popularize sports among various groups of the population, as well as reduce the likelihood of injury through the introduction of modern sports equipment;
  • sustainable development of society in the field of sports is inextricably linked with the formation of a culture of a healthy lifestyle;
  • creation of special scientific institutions that will track changes in activity in different age groups, as well as stimulate regular exercise.

Family upbringing is a factor in the sustainable development of society. For this reason, a value-based attitude of young people towards their health must be formed in society. Improving physical fitness and fitness needs to be made more popular. It will be impossible to achieve these goals if educational institutions are not provided with appropriate equipment that will meet the physiological needs of people of different ages. Parimatch makes a lot of efforts to ensure that the concept of sustainable development of a society becomes generally accepted in the countries where it operates. For this, a variety of programs are being implemented to improve the quality of the sports and social infrastructure in Cyprus.

UNICEF principles on sport as a basis for development

What is a sustainable development society? This concept presupposes the formation of such a society in which there is a constant improvement in human living conditions. At the same time, the impact on the environment does not lead to the destruction of the existing biosphere, which makes it possible to preserve the natural environment of human functioning.

The system of sustainable development of society demonstrates excellent results in the world of sports, since thanks to the formation of a healthy society, it is possible to achieve specific goals in the field of improving society and humanity as a whole. In this aspect, Parimatch adheres to the concept that was developed by UNICEF. According to it, it is necessary to ensure the inclusion of sports and games to achieve the international development of the younger generation. Parimatch is working hard to ensure that children’s rights are protected. By the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the rights of children to rest and play must be protected. The opinion of children should be taken into account in the planning and subsequent holding of various sports events.

Indicators of sustainable development of society, which show the success of the community on the way to achieving the set goals can be divided into several categories:

  • socio-economic;
  • environmental and economic;
  • social and environmental;
  • environmental-socio-economic!

In the field of sports, the meaning of sustainable development of society is based on guaranteeing every person the right to participate in sports or play activities that are safe and appropriate for the age of the child or adolescent. UNICEF believes that safe play should be seen as an inalienable right of every child. Children all over the world must be involved in sports activities, for which an appropriate environment must be created that encourages sports, recreation, and play. Indicators of sustainable development of society can demonstrate how correctly the path of development along which society is going was chosen.

How sport affects the sustainable development of society

Thanks to its many years of experience, Parimatch is confident that sport can positively influence the development of the community in various ways. The United Nations is also of a similar opinion. According to its head, Ban Ki-moon, global goals can only be achieved by harnessing the potential of sport, which will help build a better future for future generations. Conditions for sustainable development of society are inextricably linked with sports. Through the deliberate use of physical activity and sports, it is possible to achieve global goals and implement the concept of sustainable development throughout the world.

Phases of sustainable development of society

Over the past century, the concept has acquired a more modern form and has gone through such phases of sustainable development of society:

  • initial (1968–1972) – a low level of quality of life;
  • political (1972–1992) – a gradual improvement in the quality of life thanks to socially responsible business;
  • and the stage of socio-economic problems and their solutions (from 1992 to the present) – the development of international companies, such as the bookmaker Parimatch, which ensure the implementation of socially significant projects!

Sport plays an important role in today’s society. With its help, you can achieve the highest goals, as well as ensure the relationship between people with any income and regardless of their age. Parimatch has made significant strides in making sports available worldwide. Its social programs are aimed at helping people with disabilities and using sports for rehabilitation, which is fully consistent with the concept of sustainable development of society.


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