The Parimatch Foundation awarded sports scholarships to 30 children with disabilities

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On September 20, a solemn ceremony of awarding children with disabilities - future Paralympians with annual sports scholarships - took place in Kyiv.

This is the third annual event. This year, the Foundation, together with the National Committee of the Sport of the Disabled of Ukraine and the Paralympic Committee, awarded scholarships to 30 children with disabilities from different regions of Ukraine. These are young athletes from 11 to 17 years old who play sports professionally and aim to participate in professional competitions, in particular, the Paralympics.

Among all children, 20 have musculoskeletal disorders, 6 have visual impairments, 3 have hearing impairments, and 1 child has mental and physical disabilities. Despite their diagnoses, they excel in handball, athletics, cross-country skiing and biathlon, swimming, orienteering, and table tennis.

The scholarship will amount to UAH 5,000 per month and will be paid during the year. Its laureates will spend on sports training.

Scholarships are part of the comprehensive program of the fund “Yes, I can!”, Which is available throughout Ukraine! And in 15 regions there are open groups for open inclusive training, which make sports more accessible for everyone.

The young athletes were also greeted and supported by Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports Matviy Bidny, President of the National Committee for Sports for the Disabled of Ukraine Valery Sushkevych, champions and winners of the Paralympics. The latter know from personal experience what you need to go through on the path to success. Paralympic’s athletes encouraged children to believe in themselves, despite all the problems and obstacles.


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