Online course "Physical culture: balancing mind and body"

The innovative online course "Physical culture: balancing mind and body" will help you discover methods to support children during wartime, develop non-traumatic communication skills.

Online course "Physical culture: balancing mind and body"

Physical education teachers and classroom teachers hold significant trust among children. But how can you assist the youngest during times of war? How can a teacher assess their condition, identify signs, reduce anxiety, and deal with the aftermath of traumatic experiences? According to research, physical activity has a positive impact on mental health.

We invite you to the innovative online course "Physical culture: balancing mind and body". Discover methods to support children during wartime, develop non-traumatic communication skills, and utilize exercise, inclusive education, and the National Ukrainian School Health (NUS) program for healing, even in limited conditions such as a bomb shelter or stress-ridden situations.

The goal is to foster resilience among teachers and children, reduce anxiety, and learn how to provide first aid to children with signs of traumatic experiences through exercise. The course will provide knowledge and skills for engaging with children regarding psychological safety, focusing on communication and physical activity techniques.

Course modules:
1. Teacher stabilization and resilience. Studying the concept of resilience, prevention of burnout, and techniques for maintaining mental health.
2. Psychological basis. Non-traumatic communication with children, key aspects of interaction with children of different ages, and conflict resolution.
3. Health in the game. Organization of physical education lessons in military operations, specifics of games and exercises, and inclusive education.
4. Directions of physical education of students. Principles of physical education organization according to the NUS.

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It is worth remembering that teachers have the right to react to events, to be upset and emotional, to discuss what is happening with children. This is what they learn during their professional development, and now, in their work with the foundation, they are also working on understanding where the line is between keeping a straight face in front of the children and allowing themselves to say "I'm scared too."

Alyona Lukianchuk
Psychotherapist, expert in overcoming traumatic experiences
Online course "Physical culture: balancing mind and body"
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The course is available for viewing on the MEGOGO platform at this link.

After the course, you will gain the skills for supporting and developing children through the challenges of wartime, promoting psychological and physical health. Join the community of educators who care about the younger generation.

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Його команда фонду створила курс разом з психотерапевткою та експерткою з питань ментального здоровʼя — Оленою Лук'янчук. Наша ціль — навчити вчителів знижувати рівень тривожності дітей та надавати їм першу психологічну допомогу з ознаками “межового досвіду” або травматичного досвіду, спричиненого війною та її наслідками. Курс пройшли вже 135 вчителів, які опанували базові компетенції взаємодії з дітьми з точки зору психологічної безпеки.

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