What is a charitable foundation and how does it work?

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Taking care of the society in which a modern international company operates is the most rational way of doing business. For this reason, more and more brands are opening their funds, thanks to which they can improve the living standards of the needy segments of the population, fight discrimination, and also provide equal access to the benefits of civilization. In this regard, the success of the Parimatch Foundation has become an example for many companies that are just thinking about implementing the foundations of a socially responsible business.

The charitable foundation is

Many entrepreneurs have a question about what is a charity foundation? This category includes all organizations that are legal entities that are open to collecting donations for a variety of charitable initiatives. Each charitable program has a certain budget, when filling it, you can go directly to the cause, for example, attract young talents to sports, as the Parimatch Foundation does as part of its work.

Charitable companies of the world usually receive support at the legislative level, since even developed countries often do not have the opportunity to pay due attention to the problems of certain groups of the population. For this reason, they provide foundations with the opportunity to collect voluntary donations. In some countries, a foundation that engages in charity can take advantage of tax incentives.

Modern charity organizations are distinguished by the presence of a specific charter, which spells out all aspects of the work that the foundation performs. The charter also outlines methods that help the organization raise funds and then evenly distribute donations to ensure the implementation of various initiatives. World charities operate completely openly. For this reason, every person who plans to help in the development of sports can find out all the necessary information about the work of funds.

The structure of the charitable foundation involves the division of its executives into several groups, which allows you to pay attention to each initiative. Typically, the management of a charitable foundation is carried out in the form of a general meeting. Such a collegial body may approve changes in the charter, as well as appoint members of the fund to executive positions. The governing body also determines the charitable areas in which the work will be carried out.

The executive body is represented by the board of the fund. It is he who is responsible for the administrative and executive functions assigned to the director or group of presidents of the foundation. Control over the implementation of initiatives is usually assigned to the board of the foundation, which is formed by the founders of the organization. The larger the charity company becomes, the broader its staff should be. Multimillion-dollar funds appoint individual members of the organization to the positions of heads of individual divisions, to the position of public relations representative, financial director, branch head, and so on.

Charities of the world may receive funds for program implementation in various ways:

  • collect voluntary donations;
  • direct grants and subsidies for the implementation of projects;
  • use earmarked funding or grants;
  • engage in commercial activities that are acceptable to the fund;
  • use income from securities or other donated assets.

At the time of the organization of a charitable foundation, it is determined how much of the funds received will be used to implement programs, and how much money will be directed to the needs of the foundation. Typically, the fund’s funding is up to 20 percent of its budget, which allows you to pay employees’ salaries, rent premises, order promotional materials, and so on.

How does a fund differ from a commercial organization?

A charity foundation differs from commercial companies in several ways:

  • Direction of the fund’s activities. If we talk about the main difference, then this is the direction of activity. Commercial companies are open to being able to increase their income. Non-profit foundations receive other, non-material remuneration for their work.
  • The original purpose of the organization. Any commercial organization sets itself the task of increasing the market capitalization of the company, and must also ensure the growth of owners’ income. If we talk about non-profit companies, then their tasks are spelled out in the charter. Such organizations are engaged in the provision of services that do not involve an increase in the income of the owners or employees of the fund.
  • Work with profit. The income that commercial organizations generate during their activities can be distributed among the participants or used for the further development of the company. Non-profit charitable organizations in Cyprus have no profit at all, so all the funds raised are directed only to the implementation of certain initiatives!

The difference between organizations is also observed at the level of services and goods. If we are talking about a commercial company, then it produces products of an individual orientation. Non-profit companies work to meet social needs and also provide public goods to those who need them.

What the international charity company parimatch tech does

The task of a modern charitable organization is to ensure the implementation of selected initiatives. Parimatch adheres to the principles of social responsibility of business, therefore it invests in the development of society. The transfer of funds to the needy party occurs according to different schemes, which depend on the characteristics of a particular assistance program. For example, money can be transferred directly to the person who needs it or used to pay for services (training, treatment, sports). Also, a common way to provide for the needs of people in need is the transfer of things or equipment.

If we talk about the initiatives implemented by the Parimatch Foundation, they can be divided into several areas:

  • Sports initiatives. The company successfully develops youth and student sports on the island of Cyprus. Her activities are inextricably linked with the support of young talents. The company contributes to the development of sports infrastructure in the country. Significant support is provided in the field of equal access to sports for children with special needs.
  • Educational initiatives. The charitable organization supports innovative educational programs aimed at educating children. Thanks to its work, the company increases the availability of education.
  • Initiatives in the field of children’s health and well-being. Thanks to the work of Parimatch, it is possible to ensure the development of pediatric medicine, as well as to form the appropriate infrastructure. The Company also ensures the provision of targeted assistance for children who belong to socially unprotected segments of the population.
  • Environmental initiatives. As part of the work of the fund, the implementation of projects aimed at the development of territories and the improvement of environmental protection measures is ensured.

The company is successfully developing the concept of a socially responsible business, thanks to which the fund’s budget is constantly increasing, which makes it possible to implement even larger and more relevant projects. The charitable organization pays close attention to the needs of modern society when holding relevant events.

Main directions of charitable activities parimatch tech

Charity company parimatch tech aims to attract young people to sports, which will make society even healthier and happier. Physical activity is important for children, as it helps to develop the necessary skills and contributes to the socialization of young people through sports. Often a child does not have the opportunity to play the sport that he is interested in, which involves the participation of charitable organizations in improving the existing infrastructure.

The modern Charity company parimatch tech makes a lot of efforts to achieve its goals. Many years of experience in the world of sports allows the company to properly prioritize and control the implementation of initiatives. In its activities, the charitable organization uses the most relevant models of assisting.

Target audience of Parimatch charity

The charitable foundation Parimatch is successfully working to improve the social situation in the country, for which important initiatives are implemented every year, and various events are held to attract young people to sports. The target audience of a non-profit organization is represented by children and adolescents who can achieve significant success through their diligence. Often they do not have the appropriate opportunity due to the poor development of sports infrastructure in the region. In this situation, the help of the fund becomes critical for the realization of a child’s dream. The Foundation has chosen socially-oriented directions for itself and also helps young people to receive a quality education.

Modern charitable organizations in Cyprus make a socially significant contribution to the development of the community. They care about the well-being of the younger generation, which is an investment in the future of the country. Often, foundation initiatives focus on providing access to sports for the disabled, which helps people with disabilities find themselves in various disciplines. There are many examples of how Cypriots, who started playing sports through charitable initiatives, eventually managed to achieve outstanding results and become world-famous.

How does the charitable foundation earn?

The charities of the world are non-profit organizations. They do not involve the receipt of income for personal enrichment. For this reason, the extraction of financial profit is out of the question. The foundations provide targeted assistance to those who need it, as well as the implementation of large-scale projects. Using the Parimatch Foundation as an example, one can see that socially responsible business is the key to the development of society and the strengthening of ties within it. The company has already managed to implement many projects that have helped hundreds of children find themselves in sports. The Fund is not going to stop there and sets itself ambitious goals.

Regions of charitable activity of the Parimatch Foundation

Today, Parimatch is an international brand that invests in sports infrastructure in the regions where it is represented. The company conducts its activities in Cyprus in all regions of the country, which allows the younger generation to feel the care of a socially responsible business.

The company focuses on children’s sports. Thanks to her initiatives, it was possible to raise significant amounts for the implementation of infrastructural sports facilities. Charities Cyprus is also aimed at attracting people with disabilities to sports. To do this, the company is working to create sections and improve the skills of mentors. All this together makes it possible to make children’s sports more modern, increasing interest in it among the younger generation.


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