How to help Ukrainian refugees

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Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, millions of Ukrainians have had to leave their homes and go abroad, far away from danger. Some fled rocket or artillery shelling, and some fled occupation.

Far from home, without the usual work and means of subsistence, and in a completely foreign environment, Ukrainian refugees have to take care of their own families and build their lives.

Let’s talk about how we can help refugees in this situation.

How many Ukraine war refugees have fled Ukraine since the start of the crisis escalation?

According to the UN, as of June 2022, the number of refugees from Ukraine registered for temporary protection in Europe reached 3 million 407 thousand. Another 2 million Ukrainians have not received this status. According to official statistics, more than 7 million Ukrainians have already left Ukraine.

This is a difficult situation because the state needs to make as many Ukrainians as possible could live and work at home. Therefore, the question of how I can help refugees return more of them to their homeland remains relevant.

Which countries are Ukraine’s refugees fleeing to?

Poland received the most significant number of Ukrainians fleeing the war – 1,170,000 of our citizens registered for temporary protection. In total, about 4 million Ukrainians crossed the border with the country. Since the beginning of the war, Poland has become the most significant European hub for sheltering refugees from Ukraine.

More than 650,000 Ukrainians went to Romania, about 500,000 to Slovenia, and many to Moldova. Of the non-neighboring countries, most of our citizens are in Germany – about 780 thousand and in the Czech Republic – about 400 thousand.

The state is currently working on how to help refugees in these countries.

Who are the Ukrainian refugees?

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, there have been three ways for Ukrainians to stay legally in the EU: as a tourist, as a person with temporary protection, and as a refugee. The latter gives the most rights, in particular – the right to international security. However, a Ukrainian can obtain refugee status only in the first country of residence, only in the EU countries neighboring Ukraine.

Ukrainian refugees differ from refugees from other countries, as most would not like to live abroad. They are forced to do so because even if their home is not in the occupied territories, it is still in constant danger of artillery or rocket fire.

However, despite the danger, many Ukrainians still return home – some because of homesickness, and some – because they can not live abroad. That is why it is essential to assist refugees from Ukraine.

What can I do to help Children in Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees?

If you or your relatives or acquaintances want to leave the occupied cities and territories close to the front line, some organizations assist refugees from Ukraine. You can learn more about them on the website of the Center for Public Health.

How can we help refugees? In addition to information, financial assistance is also critical.

The Parimatch Foundation has been actively helping the children of Ukraine since the beginning of the war. The Foundation cooperates with the largest hubs in Ukraine for internally displaced persons, providing humanitarian assistance and arranging beds. The foundation has also revived its core sports programs and created a new training program for psychologists working with children affected by the war.

To help refugees and internally displaced persons, the Parimatch Foundation has launched a fundraiser. You can join with any comfortable amount – all funds raised will go to help children and the civilian population of Ukraine.


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